Chef’s Special

Have you been looking for a ” chef’s special ” offer that lets you create the perfect photo album but at a price that is more affordable? Do you want to create a completely special setting and see your beloved little one don a special hat?

Every parent in the world loves to experiment with dressing their child in different outfits and costumes and why not capture those moments with a portrait package from Portrait Creations.

April Portrait Specials | Portrait Creations PiquaIn the growing up years, they get transformed every now and then and given the dramatic changes in how they look, how tall they are,  or how they react to new things.

While you would keep experimenting with new dresses, accessories and try to get your child to come up with a myriad range of expressions, it is also a good time to make your child don the role of a chef.

All you need is a chef’s hat, some veggies, an apron, a wooden spoon and you have all that it takes to create a lovely memory!

Have you already started imaging how amazing your child would look as a chef? Well, you cannot be blamed. The very idea of your child being a chef for their portraits is intriguing enough and when you imagine the kind of facial reactions and gestures the child would come up with, the proposition is highly tempting and the best part is that you can save some money in the process as well.

Fortunately, there are some special offers coming your way. You would not only be saving money but would also be creating a memory that is priceless. Here are the specials for you to grab now.

$19 Limited Offer

The offer includes 4-3×5’s & 8 wallets of any one “limited time” Chef’s special pose.

Club members always receive a free session and an additional 10% off.

The expiry date of this offer is on 4/30/13.

8 x 8 Portrait Collage $39

Turn your experience into a special gift with a special theme and delicately but masterfully captured moments.

This offer also expires on 4/30/13.