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Holiday Gift Idea

Need a gift idea for that hard to shop for person?


Have you ever shopped around for that one person trying to find the perfect gift and always fall short? Tired of waiting in line for those Black Friday deals and never getting it?  I know I have.  Well if your tired of trying to find that special gift and you don’t want to fight the crowds on Black Friday, listen up because I have a few Holiday gift ideas that would be perfect.

  1. Holiday Family Portraits: The Holiday’s are a great time to get together with family and reminiscent on all the fun things you did when you where kids.  When the family is together it would be a perfect opportunity for some family portraits. Just imagine Uncle Joe’s face when he unwraps and finds a  framed 10×14 photo of you and the family. This is something he can always treasure.
  2. Personalized Christmas Cards: Nothing says we love you and miss you like a Christmas Card with the family on the front of it! With these Christmas cards you can give Aunt Flo something she can take to work so she can show off how beautiful your family is and show all of her co-workers.Baby with Santa Portrait | Christmas Portraits
  3. Gift Cards: Who doesn’t love gift cards? It’s as good as cash. Gift cards can make wonderful gifts, especially if your cousin Jimmy has never gotten you that family portrait you have always wanted.  Now he has no excuse!
  4. Personalized Ornaments: Just like the ones you used to bring home from school when you was a kid, just a little more modern. Still to this day my Dad hangs an ornament on his tree that has my Christmas picture in it, he tells me it keeps the mice out of the tree, but I know the real reason why he does it. And this year he will be getting an ornament with his two grandchildren on it.
  5. Personalized Purses: Some people carry those expensive purses with those silly designs all over them, imagine your wife’s face when she opens up a box pulls out a purse and it has your children on it!  With a personalized purse it’s a great conversation starter and a great way to show off your family to all of your friends!
  6. Photo Blankets: Nothing keeps you warmer than the family that surrounds you, so why not share that warmth with a photo blanket?  Imagine Grandma sitting on the couch with a cup of tea, a good book and a blanket that has your family on it to help keep her company.  This is defiantly going on my to get list this year!
  7. Mugs: Every morning when I get to work I have to have that much needed cup of coffee, and every morning I grab one of my most favorite things in my office and that’s my coffee mug with a photo of my kids on it.  And when I’m not drinking coffee it gives me something to look at during those looong days. A photo mug would be great for a grandparent, mother, father or even one of your grown children.

I hope that I have given you some ideas for Christmas this year. Good luck with all your holiday shopping and be sure to stop in and visit us or check out our monthly photography specials page.