Senior Portraits

Outdoor Senior Portraits

As a senior you realize this is it, your final year in school. Big decisions have been made or are in the final phase of being decided about your future adventures. But prior to long term goals there is a momentous occasion that happens only once, your high school graduation. Graduating high school is a ceremony within ceremonies because it marks the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. All around you can suddenly feel the world change while you are just standing still. With everything happening around you there is no time to waste.

Your Senior portrait is a grand part of this ceremony. Decisions about your portraits will have to be made as well. What you’re going to wear, how to style your hair, and are you going to do studio portraits or do them “on location”.

If you choose to have outdoor senior portraits done then of course you’ll need to decide on where  you are going have them done at. Most prefer a well manicured lawn, maybe a pool setting, sitting on a swing at your favorite park, or enjoying the sights and smells at a flower garden. Now of course this is asking a lot but if you want the best.
Once you have your location picked the next step is deciding what to wear. For a more relaxed feeling you could wear your everyday clothes, if you’re looking for a more formal Senior portrait maybe a favorite suit for the guys and the gals that favorite dress that you only wear on special occasions.

During your portrait session there will no doubt be dozens of photos taken. Think of a pose that sets you out from the crowd. Maybe playing in that playground you played in when you was a child, a portrait of you doing your favorite outdoor activity, or photo of you looking at some of your baby pictures with a playground as a backdrop. The options are unlimited.

Senior Portraits on location | Piqua Senior PortraitsYou may want to plan a “rain date” in case of bad weather. If you are having studio and on location senior portraits done see if the studio will let you break it up into two sessions so you’re not overwhelmed.

If you are in need of a little help deciding what type of senior portraits you want give Portrait Creations a call or stop by our studio and talk to one of our professional photographers, they can give you ideas of what to wear, where to shoot the portraits at and what to bring.