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What To Wear for Senior Pictures

Senior Pictures: What To Wear?

The last year of high school can be dramatic, fun, crazy and hectic all at the same time. Senior pictures can add to the stress of high school if no clear guidelines or requirements are provided. Here are a few simple tips about clothing to help you decide what to wear for senior pictures.

1. Choose solids or subtle prints
Loud prints or stripes tend to detract from the face. The face and facial expressions are the most important aspects of senior photos. It’s important to focus on these aspects and place all attention on the face instead of loud clothing.

2. Pick the right colors
It’s just as important to pick the right colors for a good photography session. Choose dark or medium colors if the background is dark or medium. Avoid green when taking pictures in green foliage outside. Avoid colors that are close to skin tones. These tones can wash out the face and make it appear drained of color. Someone with warm undertones will want to pick colors that are warm, while those with cool undertones should pick cooler colors.

3. Pick the right style
Another important aspect to consider is the style. A trendy summer top could be out of style before senior pictures are even distributed. Choose a classic wardrobe item such as a sweater or casual top for the best pictures. Avoid short sleeves and shorts, as bare limbs have a tendency to look heavier than covered ones. Dark colors also help slim the figure.

4. Dress from head to toe
It’s likely that some photographs will include the head-to-toe look. Pick accessories such as jewelry and shoes carefully and make sure they match the outfit. It’s perfectly fine to bring a few different outfits. Try bringing a dressy outfit and a casual one at least, with matching accessories for each outfit. Most photographers would rather have too many options instead of not enough clothing options. Carefully consider shoes, necklaces, earrings, hair accessories and even nail polish before going to a photography session.


5. No new hairstyles
Avoid getting a new haircut right before a photography session of any kind. Also avoid going to a new hair stylist. It’s best to stick with the familiar in this case. Save a funky new hairdo for after the pictures. This also applies to guys. It’s best to get a haircut at least a few days before a photography session.

6. Ensure a good fit
All outfits should fit well and be properly cleaned and pressed. Wrinkled clothes will look disheveled and untidy in a photo session. A stained shirt will show up in a picture and be hard to hide. Stick with clean, well-pressed choices for photo day. Try on outfits in advance to ensure nothing has shrunk in the wash or become too stretched to fit properly.

7. Heavier is better
In general, a heavier material will lay better and photograph better than a lighter material. A sweater will lay nicely for a photograph, while a cotton shirt may easily wrinkle or crease during a senior photography session.

8. Keep it simple
A good look has a lot to do with keeping things simple. Simple, solid colors and clean lines will help focus attention on the face rather than the physical garments being worn.

It can be easy to get stressed out with all of the challenges of the last year of high school. Senior pictures don’t have to be a traumatizing event. A senior photography session can be a lot of fun, especially if the above simple steps are followed when preparing wardrobe options for the event.