Special Easter Portraits Caught on Camera

Though many parents choose to get their children photographed for holidays and special occasions, not every portrait studio offers the option for people to pose with live animals. This year, parents will have the ability to do just that with Portrait Creations Easter Portraits.

Easter Portrait Special

Beginning on February 23 and lasting until April 7, 2013, children can pose with one or more of the rabbits that will be available to choose from. As with any live animals, there will be specific regulations concerning how long and how often the animals can be used for, resulting in many different rabbits over the course of the few weeks the offer will be good for.

One of the reasons that these portraits are such an ideal solution for Easter portraits, is that they are unique. Not many places are willing to work with live animals, and not every child (or even adult!) has had the chance to interact with live bunnies on a daily basis. These special visitor bunnies can provide children and families with lasting memories and extremely satisfying porttaits.

Not only will the bunnies be available to simply appear in the photos, those posing for the portrait can hold, pet and touch them throughout their portrait session. One of the most recognizable Easter icons is the Easter Bunny, and our photographer’s ingenuity gives kids the chance to be around real, live Easter bunnies. Having a soft, furry animal to interact with can also take even the crankiest child’s mind off of the fact that they are getting their portraits taken.

Easter Portraits

Most photo shoots for kids feature the same stock backgrounds and plastic, stationery props, which can get tiresome – especially for families that get portraits year after year. Choosing to get a child’s Easter portraits taken with live bunnies will ensure that not only is each portrait different from the last, but that this year’s portraits are drastically different than those that have been taken before.

Memories are important for children to have growing up, and some of the most interesting and happy memories come from animal interactions. Having a child’s portrait taken with a live bunny or two will provide a lasting memory and an even more permanent  reminder of a fun and unique childhood experience. With more than a month’s worth of time to get these portraits taken, there is absolutely no reason to delay making an appointment with the Portrait Creations today!