There’s Still Time to Enter

$500 cash!


Now that I have your attention I wanted to give you a reminder that there is still time to enter our annual portrait contest and have chance at winning $500 cash.  Just imagine the things that you can do with that $500. Not sure what you can do with that $500 if you win it? Let me give you some ideas:

  • New Flat screen TV  – Who doesn’t want a bigger TV?
  • Mini Vacation – Get those suitcases out and take a weekend trip somewhere. Children are optional.
  • Buy a new wardrobe – School will be here before you know it, and as a parent I know that school clothes can get expensive
  • Give it to our blog writer – I can always use some extra cash!
  • Pay off some bills – We all have bills and $500 could help out a lot!
  • Save it – Put it away for a rainy day
  • Gummy Bears – Buy 35 pounds of gummy bears off Amazon! Now who doesn’t love gummy bears?

Now are just some ideas, but you can do as you please, but I really am leaning toward the gummy bears, mmmm gummy bears…..

Here’s a few things to remember about the contest. First if you don’t enter your child you can’t win. Second this contest is open for all children 12 and under. Third it’s free to enter! jump on over to our specials page and get the coupon for your entry or stop by the studio and grab one.

We hope to see you soon!