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Valentine’s Day Portraits

Why Should You get Valentine’s Day Portraits This Year?

Valentine’s Day holds a special place in the hearts of many. Children take time to make their special Valentine’s sweetheart the prettiest card and adults take time to pick out the perfect gift for the one they love. With Valentine’s Day approaching, consider making memories that can never be forgotten by scheduling your Valentine’s Day portraits.

Valentine Portraits | Portrait Creations Piqua

 Portraits are the only things that capture a single moment in time and allow you to appreciate that moment for life. Read on and learn about the many reasons why you should plan a portrait session this year to keep your memories alive.


Give the Family an Unexpected Gift

Most families take time to send holiday portraits during the Christmas season. Why not give an unexpected gift by dressing your little ones in Valentine’s Day inspired gear and taking photos that you can send to the entire family? There is nothing more precious than your children. Spread the love you have to your family with a Valentine’s Day portrait with all of the props and let your family know that you are thinking of them no matter how far they are from you.


Cataloging Your Family Memories

Many parents of adult children wish that they took more time to take family photos each year. Do not become one of the many who regretting putting off family portrait sessions and book your session this year without making any excuses. If you make it a habit to take family photos each Valentine’s Day, you will have plenty of pictures to sit down and share with your growing family when your children become adults and have their own children.

Get Those Engagement Photos 


If you plan on proposing around Valentine’s Day, make sure you can get the engagement announcements out as soon as possible and schedule your portrait session in advance. Our seasoned photographers can capture the love and excitement that you and your new fiance feel for one another in a wide range of different poses and environments. What day is better to announce your engagement than the day that symbolizes love?

This Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to schedule a professional portrait session. Let Portrait Creations Piqua capture the cuteness of your children, the bond you have with your family, or the lifelong love you and your fiance or spouse will share. Schedule your session in advance to be sure that you have your portraits in time to send your family and the ones you love.