We Need Your Help!

we need your help

Of the 5 options listed below what is the one you’d most like to see as our special theme next month?

Head on over to our Facebook page and Comment the number to cast your vote!  If you share this post we’ll share with you 🙂   free retouching on your themed session!

1. A few of my favorite things

Let us photograph your child(ren) and their favorite toy(s). We don’t want to forget the special things that mean so much to them at every stage of their lives!

2. Just beachy

You bring their swimsuits we’ve got the sand! the possibilities are endless with our summer sessions.
Don’t forget about: sunglasses, summer hats, beach towels, sun dresses or anything else you might want us to use.
Additional props available at the studio.

3. Watermelon madness

Not much says summer like a fresh watermelon on a hot day. We’ll capture some creative portraits of your special someone while they enjoy their special treat.

4. Painting party

We’ll convert our space into your child’s very own art studio. While they are having fun creating their own masterpiece we will be busy capturing their creativity.
A word of caution : This one will get messy 

5. Friends day

Bring your child and their best friend or friends and let us capture the special bond they share. Works well with all ages.