Portrait Tips

What to look for when choosing a photographer

film negativeA professional photographer can literally capture the most memorable moments of your life and preserve them forever. Considering how valuable the photographer’s finished product is to you, it’s imperative that you find the best person for the job.

Interview several photographers. Most will be more than willing to give of their time, explaining the process and answering any questions you may have. It is also important for them to understand exactly what you are looking for, so that they are able to portray your memories in the most appealing manner to you.

Ask many questions. Specifically, you want to know if the photographer subscribes to a particular style or is open to the one you most prefer. You should probably decide ahead of time if you are interested in classical style photographs or something more romantic; you may also want to look into different techniques and abstract imaging as well. Most professional photographers are artists; discover the style you find most inspiring and inquire about their level of expertise with it.

Check out the photographer’s portfolio. Viewing samples of previous work will give you a distinct impression of the style they use, as well as the level of quality you can expect in your finished product. Most studios will have examples hanging up on the walls, so arrive a few minutes early to your scheduled interview to browse.

Hire a photographer who seems inspired to capture your memories. If he or she makes many inquiries about what you want, the emotions involved and special circumstances of the people to be photographed, they are probably mentally planning the event much the same way a director conceptualizes producing a film. This shows you that the photographer is interested in providing you with more than just pictures, he or she wants to create something very special for you.

Happy CutomerMake certain you fully understand each other. Knowing exactly what you want will give the photographer greater accuracy with an estimate for services, and avoid issues further down the road. Although it’s not traditional to get details in writing, double-check that your wishes are clear and all expectations known.

Check credentials and references. Look for professional memberships, degrees or certificates on the walls. Run a quick internet search for reviews or get the actual opinion of a previous customer or two.

Finding the best photographer for the most precious moments of your life will be well worth the effort you put into it. Set the bar high and don’t be satisfied until you find all you are looking for in a professional photographer.