Portrait Tips

What to wear for your Holiday Portraits

Holiday portraits add to the festivities and create a lasting legacy for generations to come. Looking your best is an important consideration when

planning these life-long memories. Here are a few tips for what to wear.

Holiday Portraits | Portrait Creations Piqua

Consult photographer

Check with us in advance to get an idea of what color backdrops the we may be using for your portraits. Also ask about props for various themes and sittings. Knowing how you will be posed can help you bring the most suitable clothing. Don’t be afraid to bring a couple of outfits that you can change into. It helps to know in advance what to expect, including themes, styles, and colors.

Avoid flashy wear

Although holiday fashions are fine for your holiday portrait, you probably should avoid anything that is too sparkly or attention-grabbing. Keep in mind that clothing should accent the person, not vice versa. Shiny bulbs, glittery rhinestones, and decorous winter shirt scenes may dominate the picture and compete with the subject for viewers’ attention. Similarly, you may want to avoid dressing everyone exactly alike so the picture does not come across as monotonous.

Holiday Portraits | Portrait Creations Piqua

Coordinate accessories

Holiday accents like scarves, brooches, socks, and jewelry can add a nice touch to the overall ensemble. Check to ensure these accessories go with the outfit and do not compete for their own attention. Accents should be subtle rather than obvious and fit the theme of each pose.

Be comfortable

Try not to wear brand new clothes, which can often become unexpectedly uncomfortable under a photographer’s lights or when taking multiple shots. Heavy or tight clothing, spike heels, floppy hats, or rough fabric can not only make you feel awkward, but may also add a pained facial expression or shiny perspiration that will require extra effort to manage.

Getting a holiday portrait from Portrait Creations Piqua will create wonderful impressions of you looking your absolute best. With a bit of planning, everything should go well and result in stunning photos that will be enjoyed during future holidays to come. So pick out a flattering outfit and create a lovely portrait that lasts.

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